Odd Food Cravings aren’t just for the Preggers

When I was pregnant, I craved two things: Vegetables and Steak. I thought all chicken smelled rotten for the first 6 months (except for the AMAZING fried chicken one of my friends made) and the only thing that left me truly nauseated was sugar. There was one incident while I was pregnant that illustrated the full madness: I was craving something all day at work, but couldn’t quite figure out what it was. I drove almost all the way home when I realized I was craving eggplant and crossed two lanes of traffic to turn into the supermarket at the last possible second. While I was there, (and I should preface this story by saying I was not showing at the time) I was trying to find a whole grain baguette for dinner. All they had was regular white flour baguettes. Unfortunately, regular white flour baguettes weren’t an option because they produced the same nausea as anything sugar related. So, I was circling the bread display trying to find a reasonable alternative when the smell of the cake frosting on the cakes in the bakery display started wafting toward me. I started gagging with a vengeance. The woman at the bakery counter started glaring at me, HARD! I’m guessing she thought I was saying her cakes smelled terrible, because that’s how hard she was glaring at me. Of course I was gagging so I couldn’t give the “It’s not you, I’m pregnant” speech, which suddenly struck me as funny and just made the gagging worse. Needless to say I just left the bakery area and gave up on the idea of bread for dinner.

Despite all the promises of “you can eat anything you want when you’re pregnant”, the closest I could get to sugary desserts was fruit. At my shower there were all kinds of cookies and cake and chocolate covered Oreos and I passed them all up for huge cupfuls of the fruit salad that the Bestie (my best friend and food companion) made so I could have something for dessert.

So, I didn’t have any crazy food combo cravings like ice cream and pickles that I had to have while I was pregnant or at least I should say none of the combos were new. I think everyone has weird food combo cravings that they may not eat in public (or admit to eating), but still love to eat at home. And I love finding out what everyone’s secret food combos loves are. One of my main combo loves is hot rice on salad. I love lettuce and other veggies barely wilted under the heat of the hot rice and salad dressing on the whole thing. I cannot understand cold rice salad. I tried it and hated it. During good salad season, I keep rice in the fridge so i can heat it up to add to the salads. My other odd one is grain chips crumbled on fried rice. By grain chips, I mean something like corn tortilla or brown rice chips. Potato chips or any of the other root vegetable chips don’t work for this. I still love regular salads and fried rice on it’s own, but somehow my crazy cravings make them taste even better to me.