Double Take

It happened…. The Kid ate meat!!! Okay… this may not seem that exciting, but I was pretty sure this day would never come. Up until now, every time I made a dish with meat in it, The Kid would pick out all the meat and hand it to me. But the other night, he did his usual: he saw me eating a piece of meat and asked for a piece. I gave it to him, expecting the usual spit out and hand back, but instead — he ate it!!! Then he asked for another piece. And another, and another. It was a miracle that I didn’t drop my poker face when he kept eating it and he ate about the size of a chicken thigh and then went back to his bowl of Garbanzo & Potato in Red Curry and Thai Purple Rice like nothing happened. Meanwhile, I was in shock and desperately trying not to indicate to him that a miracle happened.

Lemon Garlic Roasted Chicken.jpg

The chicken was actually the same chicken that I got in the two pack a few weeks ago and butterflied. Since I cooked another chicken that night, I just threw this one into a freezer bag with the rind of a lemon, 4-5 whole smashed garlic cloves, about a teaspoon freshly ground black pepper, a tablespoon of salt and a couple tablespoons of olive oil. It turned out fantastic if I must say so myself. I moved the chicken to the fridge two days before I planned to cook it and let it defrost. I guess I put it in a cold section of the refrigerator because it didn’t look entirely defrosted to me so I decided to cook it low and slow at 325F for 90 minutes. I took out my broiler pan and put the chicken on top. In the bottom section, I just put a sliced Spanish onion, an entire head of garlic with cloves separated (but not peeled) and the contents of the freezer bag in the bottom. I didn’t even add my usual splash of dry vermouth. When I took it out, the onion and garlic were roasted and covered with the chicken drippings. The chicken was so moist that I didn’t even need to make gravy. I just cut up the roasted chicken and saved the onions, garlic and chicken drippings for another night.

Dinner with Thai Purple Rice.jpg

The other great thing about this dinner was the Thai Purple Rice. I’ve been on a colorful rice kick lately (which I plan to discuss soon), but there was something truly gorgeous about this meal when I added the Thai Purple Rice. I cooked it using my usual foolproof rice method letting most of the water evaporate off until it was just below the level in the pan then stirred once, covered it, turned off the burner and walked away. The taste is a little sweeter than brown rice and I’m a huge fan now. Paired with the golden Red Curry Sauce the Purple Thai Rice gives a similar (inverse) visual of Cuban black beans over yellow rice.

Although I may have to remember this dinner forever since it was The Kid’s first true appreciation of meat, I will still endeavor to come up with more recipes that incorporate his first food love: beans. We will continue to be vegetarian-ish, but the meat really does add more options and you know I love options!!

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