Enough of winter!

I’m done with winter.  Like ending a bad relationship, I’m ready to pack my bags, take my lessons learned and move on.  I’m starting a rebound relationship with Spring and hopefully Summer will be kind and take me back again in a few months.  I can’t even explain the sheer joy I felt when i was at my favorite garden store last weekend and realized they had started selling spring veggies.  I have to give the hubs credit for managing not to laugh at me or roll his eyes when i packed up a cart full of plants, loaded them into the backseat of his car and yelled, “Jeeves, to the greenhouse!”

"Jeeves, to the greenhouse!"

And since last year was all about getting fruit trees all around the yard, this year, I’m focusing more on the food garden.  I’m thinking after all these years Square Foot Gardening hasn’t turned out to be a fad so now seems like a good time to try it.  I’ve been doing the traditional row planting every year up until now and figure it may be time to try the super intensive gardening style that has plants growing together in squares instead of rows.  I even got an app that helps you plan the whole thing out and was truly shocked that I actually need more plants than I ever needed before for just one 19′ x 3′ area.  Unlike my usual MO, I will not be doing the entire yard all at once this year.  I have actually “hired” the Hubs to use his skills as a Project Manager to manage my garden project this year.  Section by section seems to be the way to go. I suspect there is some secret joy there for the Hubs to have license to tell me to focus on one thing at a time (something a multi-tasker like me has no use for), but since I know it’s the smart way to go, I’ll give it a try this year.

This spring is starting off the same way last spring did.  With me loading my 5 gallon buckets into the back of my SUV with my shovel.  It must have been fate that had me end up in a township that collects everyone’s leaves in the fall, composts them and piles it up in the Spring for free.  If not I think the added cost of dirt and amendments would have caused my husband to veto the amount of yard space I claimed for the garden.  (And the fact that it gets bigger every year). But sometimes a girl just gets lucky.  I did a few runs yesterday back and forth from the garden to the compost pile to get those shoveling muscles going again this year.  I was clearly a little too happy about shoveling compost.  I may or may not have said, “YES!” with a Tiger Woods style fist pump when I saw the compost pile was freshly filled. My poor car on the other hand is probably not thrilled at the prospect of being covered in compost again.  Thankfully it’s completely finished compost which doesn’t smell like anything and looks gorgeous and dark like that super expensive mulch I bought for a few years.  Live and learn…


And onto my next oddball adventure for this year.  I’m going to give bokashi composting a try.  My dear husband likes to say that if it were up to me we would only have a recycling bill and not a garbage bill since I seem to think  you can recycle or compost anything.  Well, we’re getting closer to my ideal now that i found you can dump meat, dairy, and bread into the bokashi without any off smells. So I ordered by bucket and powder and we’ll see how it goes. They claim two weeks with the bucket then I can feed it to my worm composter. We’ll see how this works out. But as long as winter is done I’m happy!!

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