I Can Be A Couponer Too!!!

The Hubs and I have decided to embark on a Money Saving Summer. We figured the summer was the best time to test it since we can find more free activities if we get too bored. And if it works we may extend it even longer. So, we cancelled cable and bought an HDTV tuner for the laptop. We hooked up the laptop to the TV and now we have HDTV shows recorded. We rarely watched live tv before other than the news so now instead of random tv in the background we just play music.

I was inspired by all the Extreme Couponing shows and decided to see it I could at least get deals on toiletries to make more room in my budget for the organic stuff and veggies. In the process I found that my hope had actually come true. There are, in fact, coupons for produce. There are even coupons for organic products. And even better there are actually blogs that have tracked down all the sales and can tell you how to use the coupons so you can get products free or even make money using the coupons. I always used coupons and tried not to buy things unless I had a coupon, but there are true money saving/making lessons to be learned from these blogs. I had no idea Target had coupons online. And that you could use the coupons along with a manufacturer coupon on the same item! Same thing with those coupon books at Walgreens. For those in the know, that’s referred to as “stacking” and they are not the only stores that practice it. The thing you do have to check is the coupon policy at the stores and some of the blogs have it there for you. It is not consistent and it’s important to know before you get there. Thanks to following the method I managed to pay $0.03 for more than $40 worth of stuff. So, I am now a believer.

My Savings Receipt -- It's really possible

I usually start my research with three sites: CouponMom.com, CouponDivas.com and LivingRichWithCoupons.com. They have all the sales listed and links to print at home coupons to help you save even more. And they will even give a calculation of your final price. I don’t see myself ever doing a $400 or more trip like the people featured on the show, but it is definitely possible to do it on the small scale and I didn’t even have to give up 60 hours of my week to do it.



  • Andrea Carr says:

    You have just made a believer out of me I’m going to try it starting this week. I used to throw away the coupons but I have also began watching those couponing shows and for the first time the other day a lady was in front of me at the grocery store and ended up paying less than $3 for over $100 worth of stuff. After seeing it for myself I knew this was something I needed to invest in. Although it’s just me and my Lovey I can still use it to stock up on the snacks that she loves or pass the extras on to my family and friends that have larger families. Thanks a bunch for the information I’ll keep you posted on my progress I’m sure I’ll reach the frustration phase before I can celebrate.

    • Monique says:

      Andrea, definitely give it a try. One of the couponers described throwing away coupons as throwing away money. After seeing the deals you can get I completely agree with them. It’s a learning curve and you’ll get better with time. But it’s definitely worth it.

  • Karla T says:

    I am not one to coupon, nor should I give advice, but someone recently put me onto the Key Ring App on my iPhone…great for deals and coupons.

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