Why would I start a blog on food?

Why would I start a blog on food?  Probably because I’m obsessed with food and just about everyone who knows me, knows about this obsession.  Ok… I’m not obsessed with food in the straight-forward normal way of claiming I have an expert palate and only eating snobbish food and looking down on anything that doesn’t meet some super exacting standard. My obsession with food is a result of being an only child of a mother who has been growing “organically” for longer than I can remember and a dad who is an amazing cook.  So, my obsession with food has everything to do with how food becomes food and making it taste good.  My family is Jamaican which comes with it’s own dynamic of being told to go boil some of this or eat some of that when you have some kind of ailment or another.  The other huge part of my food obsession is gardening.  If it’s possible for me to grow it instead of buying it, I’m most likely going to grow it (or at least try to).  I get ideas for new ingredients in dishes by scouring seed catalogs.  I’m working on creating a mostly edible landscape around my house and my ultimate goal is to have the elusive Four Season Garden so we can be mostly self sustaining throughout the year.  There are some things I will probably never grow like peaches and apples so thankfully we live within normal driving distance to quite a few farms.  And I have also been known to wander through a new supermarket for more than an hour looking for new ingredients I’ve never tried before.  This food obsession is also part of the reason I spent an extra year at college to get a minor in Nutrition. I love knowing why you eat certain things. I love knowing why Masa Harina is better than regular corn flour. So there it is, I’m a food nerd.

So, now that I’m a mom of a 10 month old son, I’ve been giving him all kinds of different foods and oddly enough the only thing he hated instantly was bananas.  He has since changed his mind about the bananas, but he is willing to eat just about anything and I love trying new things with him.  I also love trying new things with my husband.  He’s open to trying new foods and giving me the chance to try to make it a few ways before he makes a final decision.  So far, he’s game to any food except fennel and ackee.  I can live with that.  So, here’s the rest of the reason why I’m starting a blog.  I have a habit of coming up with “brilliant” ideas for dishes, making them once and then never remembering what they were or how I made them.  The hubs will ask me to make something again and he’ll describe it and I will have no recollection of ever making it.  Poor hubs… So now, I have a way to remember it all.  What I made for the kid… What I made for the hubs… And it will also be fun to track the garden and what dishes I was able to make out of the garden each season.