The Challenge

Who said marriage can be bad for your health? I’ve had a few not so great weeks with the workouts. I did something to my toe. Not sure what I did exactly, but I think I may have dislocated it by dropping something heavy on it (for the millionth time). I managed to snap it back into place (ouch!) but running is out for a bit until it finally heals. I haven’t been completely slacking off.  I did the next obvious thing and switched over to the bike and was still doing weights. It was going great until “Daycare’s Revenge” hit in the form of a stomach bug followed by a monster cold. Thanks to Bissy Tea, the stomach bug was fairly easy to overcome. This cold (which I still have) is not so easy to get rid of.  I was in bed for about 24 hours and going positively nuts on Saturday when The Hubs suggested going for walk. Just a mile total: down the hill to the store and back home. Seemed like a simple plan at the time. So, we walked down to the store and back. Then my husband informed me that we would be also be lifting weights and putting in another mile’s worth of cardio.

The Hubs and I have a healthy competition of sorts going on. If he suggests some kind of workout I figure if he can do it then I can do it. If he’s up to it then so am I. If I suggest a workout, he won’t say no because if I can do it then he can do it. It probably sounds ridiculous, but it works for us. Thanks to the cold from hell, I knew I didn’t have another hour of working out in me so I decided to cheat the system and suggest we just do a half hour cardio sculpt video with weights.  I figured it was a 2-in-1 cheat and it wouldn’t be that hard anyways. WRONG!!! The Hubs and I were pouring sweat when it was done, but for 60 glorious minutes (total roundtrip + workout) I could breathe. Less than 10 minutes after that I couldn’t breathe again, but that window of actual air in my lungs felt amazing!!

While I was relaxing my sore muscles and slowly losing the ability to breathe again, The Hubs proposed a challenge. We would do various 30 – 45 minute online video workouts together every day for 7 days.  Since we got rid of cable and watch most of our TV through the PC input, it’s easier to get access to all the fitness stuff available online.  (There’s way more than I ever imagined!)  So, we started on Sunday and we’ve been going strong so far.  The Hubs even completed one workout after a super long work day and getting in late after grad school.  (He’s awesome!)  I keep thinking that I would love to join a boot camp workout group, but honestly I don’t have that kind of time window available in my schedule right now unless someone has a Ustream Bootcamp channel I should know about.  I have no idea what the end game of this 7 day workout challenge is, but it’s our fun for now idea.  I’m sure next week we’ll come up with something else ludicrous, but it will likely be to the tune of “Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better!”

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