What’s In The Fridge?

My dear husband is great at many things. I wouldn’t say finding things is his forte. We came to an impasse a few weeks ago when he ordered lunch while he was home alone instead of digging into the plethora of leftovers we had in the fridge. The Hubs (unlike me) does not have a problem eating leftovers, but finding them is another story. So, to meet everyone’s needs I instituted the “In The Fridge” list.

Every time I make something, I put it on the list. Then every time the empty dish goes in the dishwasher, he crosses it off. It was working like a dream and The Hubs was actually eating leftovers when I realized that the true beauty of the list didn’t have anything to do with The Hubs at all. With the list of leftovers laid out, I had a new source of inspiration. I could just look through the list of leftovers and come up with new ideas for soups or lunch or even remix dinners.


So, there I was on pizza night. Pizza for me is just a good way to use up any last bits of leftovers. I picked the taco meat, mushrooms, eggplant and I wanted ricotta, but didn’t have any. I had butter beans left over from making oxtail soup. I think it was the butter in the title that got me since I was already thinking dairy. I figured if they didn’t taste good, we’d just pluck them off. But, the skins got a little crispy and the inside stayed creamy. Who knew?!  It was fantastic.  I guess you just never know unless you try it.  And yes, the taco meat and eggplant were good too…



  • Debra says:

    Do you make your own pizza dough or do you purchase? Been thinking about making a pizza but with all of my food allergies (tomatoe and any aged cheese) interesting will be gauranteed. Just curious…

    • Monique says:

      Deb, I generally make my own pizza dough. It’s ridiculously easy to make a big batch in the food processor and you can make one and freeze the rest. I do a different dough every time since I just add random whole grains to it depending on what I have. I’ll post the recipe for this version tonight. Can you do a fresh mozzarella? You could try a red pepper sauce as the base and fresh mozzarella when it’s almost done so it just melts. You could top it with some mixed greens with a light coating of a vinaigrette. That should be good.

  • Debra says:

    Mo, I so love you. I actually am realling in love with my roasted red pepper sauce and that is what motivated me to think that I could make a pizza (and the fact Andre still be eating pizza like nan nanna boo boo). I am definately going to get some fresh mozzerella Saturday it’s our Reading Terminal trip and I know I can find some down thee. The only cheese I have eaten since last year has been american, I even made a vegetable lasagna with it LOL No vinaigrette (vinegar is out) but roasted red pepper sauce, onions, green peppers maybe a little spinach and some fresh mozezarella you just gave me a weekend project.

  • Debra says:

    No Maam,
    But what I did fail to mention is that Yeast is my #1 allergy.

    • Monique says:

      Well, you can bypass the vinegar and just use some really fruity olive (or other flavorful) oil and lemon juice to make a great vinaigrette if you’re ever in the mood.

      My pizza dough has yeast in it, but I know there is a way to make a sourdough starter that doesn’t use yeast so maybe that would work. May be worth it to investigate and see if there’s a pizza spot in your area that has a yeast-free dough. There is gluten-free everywhere so it is always possible. If you find one you could always just buy their dough and use that to make your own pizza. Or there may be a yeast-free sourdough pizza dough recipe on the internet. Internet is always proof that you’re not the only one.

  • Debra says:

    So for whatever reason I don’t like one recipe, I normally search the internet and find 10 recipes and combine all of the things that I like and have at home (i’m cheap LOL) to make the one thing I am interested in. Sourdough starter was my first go to search because the only bread that I get from Whole Foods without yeast is Sourdough but the starters all said combine yeast and sugar for the most part but anyway. I believe that I have what I need. You have given me more than you can even imagine. The pizza was on a short list of things that are in my near future all dealing with homemade doughs that I would like to make. Pizza, ravioli and sweet potato jacks (my aunt makes them basically sweet potato pie filling but drier/no milk in a dough and fried… HEAVEN I am going to fry half and bake the other to see if the taste is even comparable in the dough) I am burnt out on the bread without yeast because all of my breads be structured great and rise without yeast but bland thus far so I figured will give myself a bread break and move onto dough and come back. (Yes I was using whole wheat flour but still LOL)

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