Why eat “healthy food” if it tastes bad?

You ever order something “healthy” and taste it and think, what were they thinking when they put this on a menu?  I forgot my lunch the other day and ordered the “healthy option” and it was seriously terrible.  It was LOADED with salt and had little other flavor.  It was supposed to be Cashew Chicken with Brown Rice and Snap Peas.  I expected at least one discernible spice.  I’ll tell you the snap peas were cooked to brownish-grey death, the Chicken and Cashews had so much salt that the sauce could have been sea water and the rice was like mush.  You always see these shows where doctors and nutritionists are so concerned about the food choices people make.  Everyone likes to talk the talk of choose the healthy option, but,  if the healthy option tastes bad then what’s the point?

I have a habit of checking the nutrition labels on supermarket foods and I have to say, some of the substitutions some of the companies make to label foods fat free or sugar free or even low fat are ridiculous when you actually do a label comparison.  What’s the point of getting the low fat version if it has three times the sodium of the  full fat version?  How about you don’t give me a lot of low fat cream cheese that tastes like grit and give me a smidge of full fat cream cheese that tastes amazing.  Or, you know what… I’ll pass on your cream cheese and spread some avocado instead and we’ll call it even.  Seriously… And while I’m on the subject.  What kind of idiots do packaging people think we are when they put “FAT FREE” in bold letters on a package of hard sugar candy?  Really?!

So, I forgot my lunch today and instead of the “healthy option” I went for a sandwich.  At least the veggies are fresh there.

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  • Debra says:

    My reason for never dieting. I feel like if I can’t portion good food that i can stand than I will never be happy. Have you ever seen weight watchers turn into a brown paste right before your eyes. And fat free mayo must be the worst tasting spread Ever! Life is too short to be fat and hungry…plus that’s stupid!

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